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NAMI Ending the Silence

Our in school presentation and program.

This evidence based program is presented in middle and high school classrooms or an assembly. It features first-hand experience from a person living with a mental health condition. The program stresses recognizing the signs of mental health conditions and suicide warning signs and what to do if a student recognizes this in him/herself or a classmate. Helpline/Crisis pocket cards and a trusted adult list of professionals for the particular school in which the program is being presented are given to each student. This program is also geared to teachers, staff and parents. Please contact our office to schedule a presentation.

Below are photos of a local in school program as well as two videos produced by NAMI National, the last one is a “sample presentation day”.


Breaking the Silence

A downloadable lesson plan for Grades 6-12

Breaking the Silence (BTS) is an educational program for grades 6-12. Lesson Plans with, stories, games, and posters, put a human face on mental illness and confront the myths that reinforce the silence. BTS is committed to educating all students about mental illness; combating stigma, teaching the warning signs, encouraging open discussion, and promoting help seeking behavior.

This set of 10 lesson plans were developed by NAMI Queens/Nassau, we are now offering it for free. Please consider making a donation to our affiliate so we can continue to make a difference in educating students and teachers about mental health disorders.

Click to download all 10 lessons for Grades 6-12: Breaking the Silence_120518

Instructional videos referred to in the lesson plans: Big Mouth Kevin, Knock, Knock Who’s There and Stay at Home Mondays


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