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Free Yoga trials and live-streaming classes

As we continue to hunker down in our houses and practice social distancing, we also know that incorporating exercise into our new routine is crucial to our well-being. Yoga is a wonderful way to exercise our bodies as well calm our minds. We have put together a list of free Yoga trials and live-streaming classes. 

Free Yoga Trials 

The Daily Burn has a 60 day free trial period. This program is designed to create a yoga class for to practice while your home alone You can make changes to the yoga/fitness practice and create a practice that is tailored to you 

Yoga International is offering a 30 day free trial. This program offers 500+ experts in yoga therapy, anatomy, yoga for beginners, and more. 

Yoga with Adriene Adriene hosts this YouTube channel, an online community of over 6 million subscribers. She publishes free Yoga Videos and has a library of over 500 free videos and growing. 

Gyms offering free Yoga classes online 

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Lifetime Gym You can participate in classes on demand from Lifetime as a way for members (and non-members) to stream cardio, strength, and yoga classes absolutely free. 

YMCA 360 A new free online community program, offers on-demand programs and digital coaching. The program includes some of the Y’s most popular group exercise classes like boot camp, barre, yoga, and low impact programs for seniors. 

Lululemon The athletic clothing brand will be hosting free Instagram live sessions that feature yoga, do-anywhere workouts, meditation, and self-care tips. 

Planet Fitness Known as being the “judgement free zone” of the fitness space, Planet Fitness will be hosting “Home Work-Ins” – a series of free fitness classes for everyone – that will be streamed live on Planet Fitness’ Facebook page daily at 7 p.m. For anyone who can’t participate live, each workout will also be available to view on both the Planet Fitness Facebook page and YouTube channel after the broadcast is over. 

Oprah and Deepak Meditation For 21 days, a 10 minute meditation will be offered under the guidance of Oprah and Deepak – in which they share the teaching of the day – followed by 10 minutes of silent meditation with a soothing musical background which helps calm your mind and deepen your practice. 

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