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Navigating the System: Family Survival Handbook

The NYS Family Survival Handbook is a collection of practical, useful information contributed by over 65 family caregivers from New York City and State who have learned from experience how to navigate the public mental health system in New York State. Intended for use by families when a loved one is first diagnosed, admitted to a hospital, and after his/her discharge, this handbook’s purpose is to provide information and resources while guiding users with informative tips designed to enable them to:
•  Access educational materials;
•  Build a support network;
•  Advocate for their loved one;
•  Become meaningfully involved with their loved one’s treatment team,
•  Participate in the development of meaningful, recovery-oriented Treatment and Discharge Plans;
•  Become informed about the spectrum of services their loved one might need,
•  Enable them to both request these services and access them themselves, as necessary

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