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A Big Thank You to Our Wonderful Summer Intern Emily Cutajar

This summer we were joined by a talented intern who took part in a 3 month internship at NAMIQN. We have benefited from her fresh insight and hard work. We are so happy with all her help creating Instagram and Facebook posts promoting our support groups and spreading awareness about mental illness to help end the stigma.

Emily is now back at school, entering into her senior of college. She is accompanied by her service dog Wesley. Wesley is a multipurpose service dog; he is psychiatric medical alert/response and medical alert/response for physical disabilities. Wesley is an adorable social media star with 8,609 followers on Emily has chronicled her journey with Wesley on YouTube as well, Wesley the Service Doodle has 8.63K followers. Her videos present life as you might expect it, but of course it is her coping skills with Wesley’s help, that make the difference for these two.

Emily has agreed to share her journey with us as she embarks on college life during a pandemic and all the challenges that come with this. Below is her video of move in day at school.

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