National Alliance on Mental Illness for Queens and Nassau

NAMI Queens/Nassau is a grassroots not-for-profit organization, committed to building better lives for those affected by mental illness through support, education and advocacy.

We are located at:
1981 Marcus Avenue, Suite C117, Lake Success, NY 11042
(Enter building from the South Entrance, take the elevator down one flight.)
Phone: (516) 326-0797 or (718) 347-7284

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January 16, 2019

    TONIGHT, January 16th, 7-9PM

    Our Speaker is Ariel Coffman LMSW, Compliance Officer at CN Guidance and Counseling Services, Inc and President of NAMI NYS

    Whether come to Legislative Day in Albany (see details below) or visit your Legislator locally, join us this Wednesday to learn how to best communicate to get results.

    Our NAMI QN Monthly Meeting will focus on current issues before the legislators: 1) Housing (and the lack of it) 2) Parity laws making sure your insurance company cannot limit your visits to Read More

    Not only can many of us relate to this story it articulates why we all need to communicate with our local legislators to advocate for change and to educate them.

    Why mental illness should never be a crime

    PBS  | Clip: 01/11/2019 | 7m 14s

    Jerri Clark’s son Calvin was in college when his erratic behavior began, eventually leading to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. His run-ins with law enforcement convinced Clark that medical and legal systems Read More

    The 2008 Federal Parity Law requires insurers to cover illnesses of the brain, such as depression or addiction, no more restrictively than illnesses of the body, such as diabetes or cancer.

    As rates of suicides and overdoses continue to climb nationwide, mental health parity is more important than ever. Unfortunately, many insurers are still not following the law. Checkout the “Don’t Deny Me” website for information to make sure you are getting the care you need and at a price you can afford.

    Don’t Deny Me

    Read More

    Please remember my three “P’s”

    Perseverance – our love and hope helps us with our staying power.

    Patience – life, learning and coping all take time.

    Positivity – see the best in each other and we become our best! Criticism demotivates and stagnates us.

    It takes a thousand “at-a-boys” or positive comments to undue one negative comment (proven by research). You are my NAMI family who help me learn so much and motivate me to Read More

    Seafield Center, Treatment Placement Specialists and Sid Jacobson JCC Presents

    “The Effects of addictive drugs on the human brain: Implications for Prevention & Treatment”

    December 18, 2018,  9:30 AM-11:30

    Renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Stephen Dewey will present on how brain studies have taken on the war on drugs in a unique way. Highlighting PET scan studies that have put virtually every drug of abuse to the test this presentation will show what each substance of abuse does to brain function, structure and development from Read More

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